Learn to break down walls like you’re living in 90’s era Berlin

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When was the last time you were truly vulnerable in a relationship?

For many people that’s a tough question to answer.

A lack of vulnerability often stems from past experiences. Maybe you weren’t taught how to open up as a child. Maybe a previous relationship left you scarred and guarded. Maybe you’re a literal robot created by a mad scientist and incapable of emotion.

Whatever your reason, building emotional walls for current and future partners to break down has become second-nature for many people swimming through the dating pool. And it makes sense — because opening up is scary.


How to cut insecurity from your life in 30 seconds

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No one cares about you.

OK, except for your parents and friends. Outside of those people, no one cares about you.

I struggled with social anxiety under the (false) impression I was being judged over every action for years. Mispronounced words, accidental trips, pushing on a door marked ‘pull.’ These moments made me feel like I was being watched in social settings — and laughed at.

This all changed after I ran an experiment at the traffic lights.

Here’s how you can master the ‘Traffic Light Method’ to remove insecurity and social anxiety.

We’re all insecure

Social anxiety. Inhibition. Self-doubt.

Call it what…

Love comes and goes but we’ll always have those 3 minutes

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Dear highly flexible and very vocal,

I’m sorry I don’t know your name yet. It wasn’t in the title of the video. I would have searched for it but my browser doesn’t auto fill on incognito mode and it’s a huge pain to navigate from PornHub to Google.

I want you to know this was a hard decision. A very, very, very hard decision. Then, roughly 3 minutes later, it was a much softer decision, flaccid even.

But I can’t continue with this relationship any longer.

I understand matters of the heart can be painful, though your tolerance for pain…

Can reality ever compare with fantasy?

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Christmas morning…

As a kid you think about Christmas morning every day from the 1st of December right up ‘til Christmas Eve.

It sits quietly in the back of your mind through November. But once the calendar swings over to December, Christmas morning comes into crisp 4K focus.

Your imagination runs wild at what that morning will be like. Which section of wrapper-strewn floor will you claim? Which present will you carefully open first? How will it feel to hold the one thing you’ve craved?

The anticipation is unbearable.

Then, when Christmas morning finally does arrive, it’s over before you…

Send help, but don’t get too close or you might end up pregnant

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My penis is cupid’s arrow.

To avoid any confusion, I’m not saying that my penis is held in the supple hands of a baby.

I’m saying that if I have sex with you, you will marry the next man you meet.

Call me crazy. Call me unhinged. Just don’t call me for sex because you will leave the single life behind and tumble into holy matrimony with your new found soulmate.

I don’t say this to brag. But it’s an established pattern by this point in my life. …

You will finish this article (slightly) better at sex

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Everyone thinks they’re a fantastic lover.

During the course of my first relationship, I was convinced I was the second coming of Casanova.

A seduction machine so advanced there was a good chance I’d been sent back in time to seduce John Connor and stop the human resistance.

As time passed I learnt more about sex. And quickly realized the error of my ways. Not only was I falling short in some of the most basic aspects of pleasing a woman — but I wasn’t even close.


I wasn’t even close to the clitoris.

But I’ve learnt a trick…

Article does not contain cancer. Does not require cancer.

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Every day I woke up in hospital there was more hair on my pillow.

I knew hair loss and cancer were a package deal. But the more hair I lost, the less I recognized the boy staring back at me in the mirror. I was 20 years old and invincible. But the boy in the mirror was sick and frail and afraid.

With my hair thinning, I made the decision to bite the bullet and shave it all off. The transition to ‘cancer patient’ was complete. …

Why it’s time to change our perspective on virginity

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Cancer is bad.

We can all agree on that, right?

It feels unfair when it strikes older people because they’ve earned the right to enjoy their golden years. But it feels equally unfair in children because they never had the chance to make a mark on the world.

My cancer was somewhere between. A Leukemia diagnosis at 20 left me in an awkward spot. Did I still qualify as a child? Or was I an adult?

I was paying full price fares on public transport, so that was a dead giveaway. …

Be prepared to learn your asshole isn’t as cute as you thought

Image Taylor Deas-Melesh via Unsplash

“Does my asshole look as nice as his?”

Unsure if I’d been heard, I repeated the question.

My girlfriend’s silence said more than words ever could.

Learning you don’t have a cute asshole is like dying. You know it will happen someday. But you never think it will happen so soon.

Still, you can’t get distracted by these things. Not when there’s live sex to…enjoy? That’s the obvious word to choose. But when it comes to watching a paid live sex show, the thrill may well be in the chase.

Part of the attraction comes from a taboo curiosity. It’s…

Plus 3 simple life lessons you can learn from this story

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It’s been years since I heard from you.

I still think about you a lot. For better or worse, we’re connected.

Because you saved me from cancer.

Not in the way my doctors or nurses did. But not every saviour works with the body. I was losing my mind in hospital and you appeared to make me forget about the pain.

I never thought I’d be the type of person to spend hours each day in a chatroom until we crossed paths. …

Alexander Porter

How to live a happier life (and have better sex) from the POV of a Leukemia survivor | Tattooed Troublemaker & Cancer Warrior

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