Australian Leukemia Survivor — If your star sign is ‘cancer’, we can’t be friends. Second chance at life and writing like it’s my job (which it is).

Step-by-step tips for writers looking to become ‘Tier One’ talent and make good money on Upwork

Sick of articles that promise to share the secrets behind making millions of dollars online?


For most writers, a book deal and $20,000/month in revenue are off the table, and that’s fine. You can still use your writing skills to earn good money on Upwork, but you need to…

Don’t listen to me, listen to a long-dead Chinese general and military strategist

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Write more. No, write less. Publish every single day. But focus on quality. Write personal stories straight from the heart, but speak generally.

Tips to become a better writer are seemingly endless. And often paradoxical.

Paralyzed by dislocating advice, you’re going nowhere fast. But you’re also watching other writers generate…

There are 3 crucial mindsets you need to quit your job — and here’s how to tap into them

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I quit my job in marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic because my boss called me a “coward who would never achieve his goals in life” on Zoom.

He later claimed it was done with intent, like some form of twisted motivation. More likely, he’d forgotten I was in the Zoom…

The simple lesson that marketing “gurus” won’t ever tell you

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Better readers are better writers.

That’s how you 10x your writing ability in 30 days. By putting down the pen and picking up a book…then another…then another.

Don’t fall for the marketing “gurus” who sell you the dream with one hand and push their latest course on you with the…

Real-world lessons you’ll hopefully never need

(Image Derek Thompson via Unsplash)

Cancer sucks.

If you don’t know someone who’s had cancer, you will soon enough. That sounds like a thinly-veiled threat, but it’s just an unfortunate reality.

Figures from Cancer Research UK show 50% of men will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives, and 45% of women. …

“What did you say about giving you a tip?!”

Image via Pexels

“69, right?”

The sexual boldness of Prakesh strikes me; my Uber Eats delivery driver, who’s routinely dropped off my food throughout the course of this pandemic.

At first, I don’t know what to say. The mind boggles at the logistical options. Is he on top? Am I on top? …

Learn to break down walls like you’re living in 90’s era Berlin

Image Free-Photos via Pixabay

When was the last time you were truly vulnerable in a relationship?

For many people that’s a tough question to answer.

A lack of vulnerability often stems from past experiences. Maybe you weren’t taught how to open up as a child. Maybe a previous relationship left you scarred and guarded…

How to cut insecurity from your life in 30 seconds

Image Jeshoots via Pexels

No one cares about you.

OK, except for your parents and friends. Outside of those people, no one cares about you.

I struggled with social anxiety under the (false) impression I was being judged over every action for years. Mispronounced words, accidental trips, pushing on a door marked ‘pull.’ …

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